Sayaka Mine







First Appearence:

Chapter 1


Mitsuishi Kotono

Sayaka Mine is the daughter of Raizo Mine and the main female character of the series, being Yaiba's friend and love interest. During the Kaguya Arc is revealed that she's also the descendant of the Dragon God Priestess.


Sayaka is a young girl with long brown hair usually worn in a ponytail, noticeably taller than Yaiba. She's often considered beautiful or at least cute by other characters. She usually wears a typical school uniform with a long skirt and short sleeves, though later she often wears normal clothing as the series proceed. In the series finale, she's grown even prettier and taller.


Sayaka sports an overall energic personality and she has little patience for Yaiba and Musashi's perverted antics. While sometimes she appears to be bossy and demanding, in the end she's a nice person with a noble heart, often capable of taking serious decisions when required. She eventually develop a crush on Yaiba, though she only admit it at the end.



Being a normal person, Sayaka has little fighting skills, since she practice kendo she can use a shinai in battle. During the Yamata no Orochi arc she gets to wield the Water Demon Longsword left by Rain.


  • Water Demon Longsword (水魔の太刀 Suima no Tachi): The sword once belonging to Rain the Water Demon God, it appears as a very long katana with an oddly-shaped hilt similar to a western sword. The whole weapon is seemingly made of solified water, can stretch and generate water at will, and can phase through inorganic matter and cut flesh. Sayaka mainly uses it to shoot bullets of water, though Burner claimed that in her hands the sword is nothing more than a water gun.



The "saya" from sayaka name stands for "scabbard", as noted by Musashi, she's the "scabbard" to Yaiba's "Blade".

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